What is the link between Engie M2M and shr-loc?


Engie M2M is the Exclusive Sigfox Operator in Belgium. Sigfox is a Low-Power Wide-Area Network, designed for IoT masive deployments. It is the most energy-friendly way to transfer small messages (e.g.: positions, temperatures, index...).

Our original mission is to deploy, maintain and commercialise the Sigfox Network in Belgium.

Sigfox is ideal to send small messages, allows a long battery-lifetime and is roaming-free. These aspects make it the perfect communication layer for Track & Trace solutions.

In shr-loc we combine the best of breed in hardware, software, storage and communication layer. 

This way our customers enjoy one-stop-shopping and the lowest prices on the market. 

How does shr-loc achieves such a low energy consumption solution?

Engie M2M gathers in shr-loc:

  • the most energy-friendly geolocation techniques

  • the most battery-efficient trackers

  • the only global Low-Power Wide-Area Network

By carefully selecting these elements, we can provide you with the lowest TCO solution to track your assets for many years on a single battery cell.

Which "energy efficient geolocation techniques" are used by shr-loc?

There are plenty of geolocation techniques, GPS being the most famous one. GPS has the advantage of being very accurate. However, it is battery consuming, requires extra hardware on a device and doesn't work indoor.

Therefore, we also leverage on other techniques, which are more energy efficient, don't need extra hardware and also work indoor.
We combine Wifi position technologies with Bluetooth Low Energy positioning and even Sigfox network trillateration techniques to determine precise or approximate locations of our trackers.  We therefor only revert to GPS when it is absolutely necessary and feasible. 

Geolocation techniques should not be confused with communication techniques?

Indeed, the geolocation technique is how the device acquires its position whereas the communication technique is how the device transmits the position.

Regarding the communication technique, shr-loc uses the global Sigfox network, the most energy-efficient way to transfer small data packages.