The SensaTag tracker is a low cost, low energy consuming tracking device with best in class radio performance. It will determine its location at instructed intervals or events via its embedded Wi-Fi positioning system, via BLE technology or alternatively via the Sigfox Atlas service. Through these technologies, indoor positioning is no longer an issue. 


VTag Combi


The VTag Combi tracker combines all of the above location technologies and also has GPS on board. This is useful if your assets are often in plain field far away from any building.  Furthermore, the settings can be easily adapted to the specific needs of your logistics project.

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Sigfox network

Our shr-loc solution makes use of the Sigfox network to transmit data from and to your assets. We have chosen Sigfox for its industrial characteristics, its predictability and it's global reach.   As the Sigfox Network Operator in Belgium we are able to offer you global connectivity with just one contract. One contract, one price, seamless roaming and only one partner to contact.

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IoT platform - Luzidia

Comprised in our shr-loc solution is full access to our Luzidia device management and visualization platform. Multi-select devices, tag them, instruct them and set specific alarms or points of interest in just a few clicks. Geo-fencing, rules engine and other fleet management tools are at your disposal. It is all there without the need of accessing difficult and incomprehensible backend systems. 

This is IoT made simple for you! 

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Data analytics

We know what kind of insights you need and appreciate. Your database is set up in such a way that it will allow for smart insights in your logistic processes. We provide you with readily available report templates and dashboards which you can customize and adapt in any way you see fit. We enable you to predict what is going to happen before it takes place.