Cost-effective IoT tracking for your business

Discover the full potential of your moving assets

Make your assets talk with


Make your assets speak

 Collect data from your unpowered assets like pallets, standalone trailers, train wagons or containers for up to 10 years on a single battery cell, using Sigfox ultra-narrowband technology. We selected  the best tracking devices for you on the market.


Global IoT network

As the Sigfox network operator in Belgium we are able to offer you global connectivity with just one contract. You will be able to follow your assets cross border without any additional charge or administration. One contract, one price, seamless roaming and only one partner to contact.


Your data

 Delivering your data is our job. We securely transport it for you,  enable you to manage it and push it to any application of your choice.  We create your separate secure space to store your data or you can opt to host the data yourself. Whatever option you choose, the data is and stays yours. 

Valuable analytics

Optionally, we provide you with top-notch device management software and smart data analytics through customizable dashboards and reports. No obligations! If you have your own solution, that is fine by us.

Your end-to-end IoT solution

Pooling services

Follow every asset at your customer premises.
Accelerate their flow and facilitate your invoicing.


Give your assets a voice with 


Indoor & Outdoor

Our technology offers great indoor functionality unlike other GPS based trackers. This allows you to get accurate results, even when assets are moving around warehouses. 



Our tracking devices have the best price/quality ratio on the market. Every element of the solution and every technology we use have been carefully selected for just one purpose : Unbeatable battery life time and excellent performance leading to the lowest TCO possible.


Ultra low power

Our trackers communicate their position over the Sigfox network which is renowned to be the lowest energy consuming communication technology out there. At the same time our trackers use innovative and ultra low energy consuming positioning technologies. 





Security by design principles are embedded in all the definition steps of our protocol and in the development of our infrastructure. 

Our proprietary technology allow our sensors to operate in an extremely robust manner even when placed in environments with lots of other signal interference. 

We understand that every situation is different. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all. We are therefor trained to listen and can adapt all elements of the solution to your needs. Device, coverage, software and analytics tool; everything  can be tailored. 


Getting Started

Every situation is different. Listening is part of our DNA. That is why we believe it is important to start with a clear understanding of your issues and needs. 



Get your supply chain experts  to meet our IoT  specialists during a 2 hours meeting. Present your challenges, we will present the possibilities.

Solution check


We will guide you towards the solution which best fits your business. Even if the solution  is not ours.

Business-case definition


IoT is nice, but does it bring the right benefits? We help you in understanding how supply chain innovations yield cost savings or help you to construct new service models. 



Want to test the solution? We will set you up in a matter of minutes. We have gone the extra mile to make IoT simple and affordable for you.